Here is your chance to create a portrait!

There are many ways to draw a portrait. It can look a lot like someone or have objects in it that suggest who the person is. It can be simple or detailed. Portraits can be cartoon-like or serious, happy or sad, realistic or abstract (using symbols, shapes, and lines to represent the person).

Below, you can see some of the different portrait drawings that are in the National Portrait Gallery. Maybe one of these will inspire you!

You can read more about Face It! at the bottom of the page.

Enter FACE IT here
Use the drawing tool and templates on the "Face It!" page to draw yourself, a friend, or someone famous. 

When you open the "Face It!" page, you will see that there are some shapes to help you begin. These include faces and a profile. There is also a blank template if you don't need help.

When you are finished, you can save your picture and send it to someone through your e-mail address. You can also print your portrait.

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