Mary Borgman


Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

Mediums: Charcoal on Mylar

Interests: Psychology

March 2, 2009

A Day in the Studio

This is how I would describe a typical day of work for me.

I rise early, usually before dawn, brew a steaming mug of green tea and slowly wake up. By the time the morning rays of sun are coming through the studio windows I am ready to draw.

I live in wonderful old, three-story brick house and I have my studio in my home. The studio space is open from the second to the third floor, with tall windows that allow me to work by natural light.

It is not unusual for me go down to the studio, still in my pajamas, and get lost in the flow of the work, losing track of time. Often I find myself squinting in the darkness as I realize the sun is going down and I've been drawing all day. When I finally stop, my whole body aches and I'm dusted in charcoal like a chimney sweep.

Thankfully, a hot shower, a bowl of homemade soup and a warm bed are all just a few steps away.

All images © Mary Borgman, 2009

Portrait of Kevin Croker in the studio

From the third floor looking into the studio

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