Mary Borgman


Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

Mediums: Charcoal on Mylar

Interests: Psychology

April 9, 2009

Coffee, Conversation, and Photo Shoots

On the day when I photograph a model, I always like to sit down with the model and my assistant, Anisa, to relax and talk over coffee and cake. We often have conversations about travels, hobbies, family, philosophy, politics, religion, cultures, and languages. I have found that process is not only fun, but I get stronger images after connecting with the model on a personal level.

When Kaveh Razani came over for his photo shoot, we began talking and became so engrossed in a discussion involving spirituality, Darwinism, and Quantum Mechanics that we almost forgot to make the photos before Kaveh had to leave for work. We did get a great shot and he made it to work on time!

All images © Mary Borgman, 2009

Kaveh and Anisa during the photo shoot

Hanging out before the shoot

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