Eliza Denslowspacer Eliza Ann Denslow Harris (1808-1891)

The subject of this portrait is believed to be Eliza Denslow Harris, based on a slip of paper with the handwritten inscription "Aunt Eliza Denslow" found in the daguerreotype's case. Eliza Ann Denslow was born in the town of Windsor in Hartford County, Connecticut. In January 1831, she wed Ephraim Harris, a farmer, and together they had three children: a son and two daughters. Widowed in 1857, Eliza lived to the age of eighty-three and was buried in the Palisado Cemetery in Windsor.

Attributed to Augustus Washington
Sixth-plate daguerreotype, circa 1853
Image courtesy Photographic History Collection
National Museum of American History
Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.


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