spacer Hemingway as Tarzan The strong masculine character that comes through in much of Hemingway's writing, combined with his well-publicized passion for such decidedly male pursuits as boxing and hunting, led some observers to think that the writer was unduly obsessed with his masculinity. An early subscriber to that view was the wickedly funny graphic satirist Miguel Covarrubias, who made this caricature. Drawn for Vanity Fair, it was meant to be part of a series called "Private Lives," which depicted the imagined pursuits of the famous when they were out of the public eye. The image never ran, however, because Vanity Fair's editors found its bare-chestedness too racy.

Ernest Hemingway cast as a rugged Tarzan
Miguel Covarrubias (1902-1957)/ Gouache on board, 1933
Image courtesy Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.


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