Born in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, on December 31, 1880, George C. Marshall Jr. (right) was four years old when this photograph was taken of him with his older siblings, Stuart and Marie. Marshall largely credited the awakening of his competitive spirit to Stuart, who had always been the superior student and had graduated from the Virginia Military Institute in good standing. When it came time for George to think about going to college, he overheard Stuart plead with their mother not to allow him to attend VMI, lest he "disgrace the family name." His comment made an indelible impression upon George. From that moment, he was determined to follow in his brother's footsteps, and as he described years later, to "wipe his face."

The Marshall children
Lucas Photo Gallery, Uniontown, Pennsylvania
Platinum print, 14.6 x 10.2 cm.
(5 3/4 x 4 in.), 1884
The George C. Marshall Foundation

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