Section One

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What becomes a Legend most?
Judy Garland
Richard Avedon, 1968

Advertising agency associate Peter Rogers had the job of escorting the stars as they came into town for their Blackglama photo shoots. “Managing” Judy Garland turned out to be a challenge. She had stayed up most of the previous night, joining Tony Bennett at his performance at the Waldorf and visiting with him afterward. When Rogers called for Garland the next morning to take her to Avedon’s studio, the hotel room was a disaster, littered with empty vodka bottles and feathers from a pillow fight with a friend. But Garland pulled herself together, and by the time her hair and makeup had been done, she “looked terrific.” She sang along with one of her records and the photo session went well. Ultimately, however, they chose a non-performing shot: “somehow,” Rogers remembered, “it seemed to capture the Garland image more poignantly.”