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We Are Still Here
Leonard Crow Dog 
Paul Davis, 1977

Social equality became a rallying point for many political activists in the 1960s and 1970s as various movements supporting civil rights, women’s liberation, migrant workers, homosexuals, and other marginalized groups sought to transform American life. Posters became not only symbols of active protest but dorm-room signals of affiliation with popular causes.

The poster We Are Still Here featured Leonard Crow Dog, a charismatic leader of the American Indian Movement. As the poster’s caption, “Medicine Man,” suggests, Crow Dog redirected the movement to place greater emphasis on Native American traditions, rituals, and spiritual heritage. Push Pin Studio artist Paul Davis, who also made posters supporting Che Guevara and César Chávez, used a low viewpoint to give Crow Dog heroic dimensions. Davis’s distinctive posters, with their simple, bold imagery and bright colors seemed to speak to the age.