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July 3, 1984: “Through The Looking Glass”
Washington Post

In 1984, Herblock published a book of cartoons with the same title of this cartoon. Alice’s adventures in the rigorously logical but inverse world of Lewis Carroll enthralled Block. He believed that Ronald Reagan’s world was also make-believe: everything looks the same but goes “the wrong way.” Block viewed Reagan as an amiable dunce, but a skilled actor and fabricator for whom there was “apparently no distinction between delivering statements as president and delivering lines as an actor—it didn’t matter whether the words were factual.”

Of the thirteen presidents Herblock covered, he most disliked Richard Nixon, who seemed to trigger a visceral distaste in him. However, he viewed Reagan as a bigger threat because he was “our first made-for-TV president,” with the skills, “combined with a president’s power to dominate news,” to “take the public through the looking glass.”