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September 10, 1993: “Response To Ethnic Cleansing”
Washington Post

Herblock was a staunch supporter of human rights and a caustic critic of any president he felt was weak. During the first half of the Clinton presidency, a prime focus of human-rights advocacy groups was the civil war and genocide in Bosnia. Bosnian Serb militias had been engaged in an ethnic cleansing campaign against the Muslim population of Bosnia, with the country’s Croat population aiding each side at different times.

In this cartoon, Herblock reacts to a U.S.–backed UN peace proposal that effectively favored the perpetrators of ethnic cleansing. He sees the accords as a result of the Clinton administration’s policy of endless talk. Weakness and inaction were themes of Herblock’s coverage of President Clinton, and covered topics as varied as China, Iraq, North Korea, and the Republican Congress.