Everett Shinn 1876-1953

Born Woodstown, New Jersey


Everett Shinn drew inspiration from the extraordinary energy and tensions of New York. In his paintings and pastels, the streets, city parks, and theaters of the bulging metropolis teem with activity. In these works the literal movement of people serves as a metaphor for the larger transformations occurring there. Ben-Yusuf’s portrait of Shinn pictures the artist in his mid-twenties, during the period when he was first emerging as an important figure in the art world. Having begun his career as a newspaper illustrator in Philadelphia, Shinn thrived in his new home. While he enjoyed a lengthy career, he is perhaps best remembered as one of “The Eight,” a group of artists who in 1908 united to stage an exhibition meant to protest the conservative policies of the National Academy of Design.

Platinum print, c. 1901
ARTnews Collection