David Garrick & Eva Maria Garrick

(1717 – 1779, 1724 – 1822)

David Garrick made his first appearance on the London stage in 1741. His distinguishing characteristic was what author Samuel Johnson called his “universality.” Garrick rose to become England's most celebrated actor-manager, and he also wrote for the stage. As an actor, and with the changes he made as a manager of Drury Lane Theatre, Garrick altered the entire face of theatrical performance. His close friend Sir Joshua Reynolds painted him on several occasions, notably as the actor torn between Tragedy and Comedy in 1762. Garrick and Eva, a Viennese dancer whom he married in 1749, are shown here enjoying their garden next to the river Thames at Hampton.

By Sir Joshua Reynolds (1723 – 1792)
Oil on canvas, 1772-1773
National Portrait Gallery, London
© National Portrait Gallery, London