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Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt
Alternate Title
Our New Watchman, Roosevelt.
Thomas Nast, 27 Sep 1840 - 7 Dec 1902
Harper's Weekly, active 1857 - 1916
Theodore Roosevelt, 27 Oct 1858 - 6 Jan 1919
Stephen Grover Cleveland, 18 Mar 1837 - 24 Jun 1908
John Kelly, 20 Apr 1822 - 1 Jun 1886
Wood engraving on paper
Sheet: 40.4 x 27.9 cm (15 7/8 x 11")
Stephen Grover Cleveland: Male
Stephen Grover Cleveland: Law and Crime\Lawyer
Stephen Grover Cleveland: Politics and Government\Governor\New York
Stephen Grover Cleveland: Law and Crime\Police\Sheriff
Stephen Grover Cleveland: Politics and Government\President of US
Stephen Grover Cleveland: Education and Scholarship\Administrator\University administrator\University trustee
Stephen Grover Cleveland: Politics and Government\Public official\Mayor\Buffalo, NY
Theodore Roosevelt: Male
Theodore Roosevelt: Politics and Government\State Legislator\New York
Theodore Roosevelt: Literature\Writer
Theodore Roosevelt: Politics and Government\Vice-President of US
Theodore Roosevelt: Military and Intelligence\Army\Officer\Colonel
Theodore Roosevelt: Natural Resource Occupations\Explorer
Theodore Roosevelt: Politics and Government\Governor\New York
Theodore Roosevelt: Politics and Government\President of US
Theodore Roosevelt: Education and Scholarship\Scholar\Historian
Theodore Roosevelt: Society and Social Change\Reformer\Environmentalist
Theodore Roosevelt: Natural Resource Occupations\Agriculturist\Rancher
Theodore Roosevelt: Nobel Prize
John Kelly: Male
John Kelly: Politics and Government\Congressman
John Kelly: Law and Crime\Police\Sheriff
John Kelly: Politics and Government\Politician
John Kelly: Politics and Government\Public official\Alderman
Credit Line
National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution; gift of Frederick S. Voss and James G. Barber
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Object number
Data Source
National Portrait Gallery