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Nine Confederate generals

Nine Confederate generals
Unidentified Artist
Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard, 28 May 1818 - 20 Feb 1893
Henry Alexander Wise, 3 Dec 1806 - 12 Sep 1876
John Buchanan Floyd, 01 Jun 1806 - 26 Aug 1863
William Joseph Hardee, 12 Oct 1815 - 6 Nov 1873
Benjamin McCullouch, 1811 - 1862
Unidentified Man
Louis Trezevant Wigfall, 21 Apr 1816 - 18 Feb 1874
Milledge Luke Bonham, 1813 - 1890
Robert Edward Lee, 19 Jan 1807 - 12 Oct 1870
c. 1861-1865 (after earlier photograph)
Albumen silver print
Image: 8.2 × 5 cm (3 1/4 × 1 15/16")
Photographic format\Carte-de-visite
Unidentified Man: Male
Robert Edward Lee: Male
Robert Edward Lee: Military\Army\Officer\Civil War\Confederate
Robert Edward Lee: Education\Administrator\College\President
John Buchanan Floyd: Male
John Buchanan Floyd: Law and Law Enforcement\Lawyer
John Buchanan Floyd: Military\Army\Officer\Civil War\Confederate
John Buchanan Floyd: Politics and Government\Governor\Virginia
Milledge Luke Bonham: Male
Milledge Luke Bonham: Military\Army\Officer\Civil War\Confederate
Milledge Luke Bonham: Military\Army\Officer\Brigadier General
Milledge Luke Bonham: Politics and Government\Governor\South Carolina
Louis Trezevant Wigfall: Male
Louis Trezevant Wigfall: Law and Law Enforcement\Lawyer
Louis Trezevant Wigfall: Military\Army\Officer\General
Louis Trezevant Wigfall: Military\Army\Officer\Civil War\Confederate
Louis Trezevant Wigfall: Politics and Government\US Senator\Texas
Louis Trezevant Wigfall: Politics and Government\Statesman\Confederate
Louis Trezevant Wigfall: Politics and Government\State Legislator\Texas
Louis Trezevant Wigfall: Politics and Government\State Senator\Texas
Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard: Male
Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard: Literature\Writer
Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard: Military\Army\Officer\General
Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard: Military\Army\Officer\Civil War\Confederate
William Joseph Hardee: Male
William Joseph Hardee: Literature\Writer
William Joseph Hardee: Military\Army\Officer\Civil War\Confederate
William Joseph Hardee: Military\Army\Officer\Mexican War
Henry Alexander Wise: Male
Henry Alexander Wise: Law and Law Enforcement\Lawyer
Henry Alexander Wise: Military\Army\Officer\Civil War\Confederate
Henry Alexander Wise: Literature\Writer\Biographer
Henry Alexander Wise: Politics and Government\Diplomat\Minister
Henry Alexander Wise: Politics and Government\US Congressman\West Virginia
Henry Alexander Wise: Politics and Government\Governor\Virginia
Benjamin McCullouch: Male
Benjamin McCullouch: Military\Soldier\Civil War\Confederate
Benjamin McCullouch: Law and Law Enforcement\Police\Texas Ranger
Credit Line
National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution; gift of the Totten Family
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Data Source
National Portrait Gallery