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Irving and his Literary Friends

Irving and his Literary Friends
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Alternate Title
Washington Irving and His Literary Friends at Sunnyside
Thomas Oldham Barlow, c. 1824 - 1889
Copy after
Christian Schussele, 16 Apr 1824 - 1879
Felix Octavius Carr Darley, 23 Jun 1822 - 27 Mar 1888
Irving Publishing Company
Washington Irving, 3 Apr 1783 - 28 Nov 1859
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., 29 Aug 1809 - 7 Oct 1894
Nathaniel Hawthorne, 4 Jul 1804 - 19 May 1864
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, 27 Feb 1807 - 24 Mar 1882
Ralph Waldo Emerson, 25 May 1803 - 27 Apr 1882
William Cullen Bryant, 3 Nov 1794 - 12 Jun 1878
John Pendleton Kennedy, 25 Oct 1795 - 18 Aug 1870
James Fenimore Cooper, 15 Sep 1789 - 14 Sep 1851
George Bancroft, 3 Oct 1800 - 17 Jan 1891
Engraving on paper
Image: 51.8 x 78.5 cm (20 3/8 x 30 7/8")
Sheet: 66 x 91.5 cm (26 x 36")
Home Furnishings\Furniture\Seating\Chair
Printed Material\Book
Printed Material\Document
Home Furnishings\Furniture\Table
Equipment\Walking stick\Cane
Home Furnishings\Drape
Personal Attribute\Facial Hair\Mustache
Costume\Headgear\Hat\Top hat
Nature & Environment\Animal\Dog
Personal Attribute\Facial Hair\Beard
Home Furnishings\Furniture\Bookshelf
Personal Attribute\Facial Hair\Muttonchops
John Pendleton Kennedy: Male
John Pendleton Kennedy: Military\Navy\Secretary of the Navy
John Pendleton Kennedy: Education\Administrator\University administrator\University trustee
John Pendleton Kennedy: Literature\Writer\Novelist
John Pendleton Kennedy: Politics and Government\US Congressman\Maryland
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: Male
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: Literature\Writer
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: Literature\Writer\Poet
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: Education\Educator\Professor\College
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: Communications\Translator
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: Society and Social Change\Reformer\Abolitionist
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: Literature\Writer\Playwright
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: Humanities and Social Sciences\Linguist
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: Education\Educator\Librarian
Ralph Waldo Emerson: Male
Ralph Waldo Emerson: Literature\Writer\Poet
Ralph Waldo Emerson: Literature\Writer\Essayist
Ralph Waldo Emerson: Humanities and Social Sciences\Philosopher\Transcendentalist
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.: Male
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.: Health and Medicine\Physician
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.: Literature\Writer\Poet
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.: Education\Educator\Professor\College
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.: Literature\Writer\Magazine article
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.: Literature\Writer\Essayist
James Fenimore Cooper: Male
James Fenimore Cooper: Military\Navy\Officer
James Fenimore Cooper: Literature\Writer\Magazine article
James Fenimore Cooper: Literature\Writer\Novelist
James Fenimore Cooper: Politics and Government\Diplomat\Consul
William Cullen Bryant: Male
William Cullen Bryant: Literature\Writer\Poet
William Cullen Bryant: Communications\Journalist
William Cullen Bryant: Communications\Journalist\Editor\Newspaper
Nathaniel Hawthorne: Male
Nathaniel Hawthorne: Literature\Writer\Novelist
Nathaniel Hawthorne: Politics and Government\Diplomat\Consul\US Consul
Washington Irving: Male
Washington Irving: Law and Law Enforcement\Lawyer
Washington Irving: Politics and Government\Diplomat
Washington Irving: Literature\Writer\Novelist
Washington Irving: Literature\Writer\Historical
George Bancroft: Male
George Bancroft: Literature\Writer
George Bancroft: Military\Navy\Secretary of the Navy
George Bancroft: Humanities and Social Sciences\Historian
George Bancroft: Politics and Government\Diplomat\Minister
Credit Line
National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution
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National Portrait Gallery