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Representative Journals and Journalists of America

Representative Journals and Journalists of America
Buek & Lindner Lithography Company, active 1880 - 1890?
Root & Tinker
Thurlow Weed, 15 Nov 1797 - 22 Nov 1882
George William Childs, 12 May 1829 - 3 Feb 1894
Whitelaw Reid, 27 Oct 1837 - 15 Dec 1912
James Gordon Bennett, Jr., 10 May 1841 - 14 May 1918
Henry Watterson, 16 Feb 1840 - 22 Dec 1921
Victor Freemont Lawson, 9 Sep 1850 - 19 Aug 1925
Murat Halstead, 2 Sep 1829 - 2 Jul 1908
Edwin Bradbury Haskell, 24 Aug 1837 - 1907
Oswald Ottendorfer, 1826 - 1900
Lithograph with tintstone on paper
Image: 40.6 x 53.3 cm (16 x 21")
Sheet: 51 x 63.8 cm (20 1/16 x 25 1/8")
Printed Material\Newspaper
Personal Attribute\Facial Hair\Mustache
Personal Attribute\Facial Hair\Beard
Personal Attribute\Facial Hair\Goatee
Personal Attribute\Facial Hair\Muttonchops
James Gordon Bennett, Jr.: Male
James Gordon Bennett, Jr.: Communications\Publisher\Newspaper
James Gordon Bennett, Jr.: Communications\Journalist\Editor\Newspaper
James Gordon Bennett, Jr.: Communications\Journalist\Reporter\Newspaper
James Gordon Bennett, Jr.: Business and Finance\Businessperson\Capitalist
Whitelaw Reid: Male
Whitelaw Reid: Politics and Government\Diplomat\Ambassador
Whitelaw Reid: Communications\Publisher\Newspaper
Whitelaw Reid: Communications\Journalist\Editor\Newspaper
Whitelaw Reid: Literature\Writer\Historical
Henry Watterson: Male
Henry Watterson: Politics and Government\Statesman
Henry Watterson: Communications\Journalist\Editor\Newspaper
Henry Watterson: Communications\Journalist\Editorial Writer
Thurlow Weed: Male
Thurlow Weed: Politics and Government\State Legislator\New York
Thurlow Weed: Communications\Publisher\Newspaper
Thurlow Weed: Communications\Journalist\Editor\Newspaper
Thurlow Weed: Crafts and Trades\Craftsman\Printer
George William Childs: Male
George William Childs: Communications\Publisher\Newspaper
George William Childs: Society and Social Change\Philanthropist
George William Childs: Literature\Writer\Biographer
George William Childs: Society and Social Change\Socialite
George William Childs: Communications\Publisher\Book
George William Childs: Science and Technology\Aviator\Airline Pilot
Victor Freemont Lawson: Male
Victor Freemont Lawson: Communications\Publisher\Newspaper
Victor Freemont Lawson: Society and Social Change\Philanthropist
Murat Halstead: Male
Murat Halstead: Communications\Journalist\Editor\Newspaper
Murat Halstead: Literature\Writer\Novelist
Murat Halstead: Literature\Writer\Biographer
Edwin Bradbury Haskell: Male
Edwin Bradbury Haskell: Communications\Publisher\Newspaper
Edwin Bradbury Haskell: Communications\Journalist\Editor\Newspaper
Oswald Ottendorfer: Male
Credit Line
National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution; gift of Barry Bingham, Sr.
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Data Source
National Portrait Gallery