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Champions of the Union

Champions of the Union
Currier & Ives Lithography Company, active 1857 - 1907
Charles Wilkes, 3 Apr 1798 - 8 Feb 1877
William Starke Rosecrans, 6 Sep 1819 - 11 Mar 1898
George Brinton McClellan, 3 Dec 1826 - 29 Oct 1885
Ambrose Everett Burnside, 23 May 1824 - 13 Sep 1881
Thomas West Sherman, 1813 - 1879
Benjamin Franklin Butler, 5 Nov 1818 - 11 Jan 1893
Winfield Scott, 13 Jun 1786 - 29 May 1866
John Charles Frémont, 21 Jan 1813 - 13 Jul 1890
Samuel Francis Du Pont, 27 Sep 1803 - 23 Jun 1865
Lithograph with tintstone on paper
Image: 34.9 x 50.9cm (13 3/4 x 20 1/16")
Sheet: 40.7 x 50.9cm (16 x 20 1/16")
Home Furnishings\Furniture\Seating\Chair
Home Furnishings\Furniture\Table
Personal Attribute\Facial Hair\Mustache
Personal Attribute\Facial Hair\Beard
Printed Material\Map
Costume\Dress Accessory\Epaulet
Costume\Dress Accessory\Button\Brass
Personal Attribute\Facial Hair\Goatee
Personal Attribute\Facial Hair\Muttonchops
Winfield Scott: Male
Winfield Scott: Literature\Writer
Winfield Scott: Politics and Government\Presidential Candidate
Winfield Scott: Politics and Government\Public Official
Winfield Scott: Military\Army\Officer\General
Winfield Scott: Military\Army\Officer\War of 1812
Winfield Scott: Military\Army\Officer\Mexican War
Winfield Scott: Congressional Gold Medal
Thomas West Sherman: Male
George Brinton McClellan: Male
George Brinton McClellan: Politics and Government\Presidential Candidate
George Brinton McClellan: Military\Army\Officer\General
George Brinton McClellan: Politics and Government\Governor\New Jersey
George Brinton McClellan: Military\Army\Officer\Major General
Samuel Francis Du Pont: Male
Samuel Francis Du Pont: Military\Navy\Officer\Admiral
Benjamin Franklin Butler: Male
Benjamin Franklin Butler: Law and Law Enforcement\Lawyer
Benjamin Franklin Butler: Politics and Government\Presidential Candidate
Benjamin Franklin Butler: Politics and Government\US Congressman\Massachusetts
Benjamin Franklin Butler: Politics and Government\Governor\Massachusetts
Benjamin Franklin Butler: Military\Army\Officer\Civil War\Union
Benjamin Franklin Butler: Politics and Government\State Legislator\Massachusetts
Benjamin Franklin Butler: Sports and Recreation\Athlete\Yachtsman
William Starke Rosecrans: Male
William Starke Rosecrans: Military\Army\Officer\Civil War\Union
William Starke Rosecrans: Politics and Government\Diplomat\Minister
William Starke Rosecrans: Politics and Government\US Congressman\California
William Starke Rosecrans: Military\Army\Officer\Major General
Charles Wilkes: Male
Charles Wilkes: Natural Resources\Explorer
Charles Wilkes: Military\Navy\Officer\Rear Admiral
Charles Wilkes: Science and Technology\Scientist\Earth scientist\Hydrographer
John Charles Frémont: Male
John Charles Frémont: Politics and Government\Presidential Candidate
John Charles Frémont: Natural Resources\Explorer
John Charles Frémont: Military\Army\Officer\Civil War\Union
John Charles Frémont: Politics and Government\US Senator\California
John Charles Frémont: Politics and Government\Governor\California
John Charles Frémont: Military\Army\Officer\Major General
Ambrose Everett Burnside: Male
Ambrose Everett Burnside: Business and Finance\Businessperson\Business executive\Railroad
Ambrose Everett Burnside: Military\Army\Officer\Civil War\Union
Ambrose Everett Burnside: Politics and Government\US Senator\Rhode Island
Ambrose Everett Burnside: Politics and Government\Governor\Rhode Island
Credit Line
National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution
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Data Source
National Portrait Gallery