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Theodore Roosevelt and family

Theodore Roosevelt and family
Harris & Ewing Studio, active 1905 - 1977
Ethel Kermit Carow Roosevelt, 13 Aug 1891 - 10 Dec 1977
Kermit Roosevelt, 10 Oct 1889 - 4 Jun 1943
Quentin Roosevelt, 19 Nov 1897 - 14 Jul 1918
Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt, 6 Aug 1861 - 30 Sep 1948
Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., 13 Sep 1887 - 12 Jul 1944
Theodore Roosevelt, 27 Oct 1858 - 6 Jan 1919
Archibald Bulloch Roosevelt, 09 Apr 1894 - 13 Oct 1979
Alice Lee Roosevelt Longworth, 12 Feb 1884 - 20 Feb 1980
Nicholas Longworth, 5 Nov 1869 - 9 Apr 1931
Brown-toned gelatin silver print
Image: 25.2 × 33 cm (9 15/16 × 13")
Sheet: 34.6 × 41.8 cm (13 5/8 × 16 7/16")
Mat: 40.6 × 55.9 cm (16 × 22")
Costume\Dress Accessory\Muff
Costume\Jewelry\Pin\Tie pin
Personal Attribute\Facial Hair\Mustache
Costume\Dress Accessory\Eyeglasses\Pince-nez
Architecture\Building\White House
Costume\Dress Accessory\Neckwear\Tie\Necktie
Nicholas Longworth: Male
Nicholas Longworth: Law and Crime\Lawyer
Nicholas Longworth: Politics and Government\US Congressman\Speaker of the House
Nicholas Longworth: Politics and Government\US Congressman\Ohio
Nicholas Longworth: Politics and Government\State Legislator\Ohio
Nicholas Longworth: Education and Scholarship\Administrator\Board of Education
Nicholas Longworth: Politics and Government\State Senator\Ohio
Quentin Roosevelt: Male
Quentin Roosevelt: Politics and Government\Son of US President
Quentin Roosevelt: Military and Intelligence\Army\Army pilot
Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.: Male
Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.: Business and Finance\Businessperson
Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.: Literature\Writer
Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.: Politics and Government\Public official
Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.: Military and Intelligence\Army\Officer\General
Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.: Journalism and Media\Magazine editor
Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.: Politics and Government\Son of US President
Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.: Politics and Government\Governor\Puerto Rico
Archibald Bulloch Roosevelt: Male
Archibald Bulloch Roosevelt: Politics and Government\Son of US President
Archibald Bulloch Roosevelt: Military and Intelligence\Army\Officer\Lieutenant Colonel
Kermit Roosevelt: Male
Kermit Roosevelt: Literature\Writer
Kermit Roosevelt: Natural Resource Occupations\Explorer
Kermit Roosevelt: Politics and Government\Son of US President
Kermit Roosevelt: Business and Finance\Businessperson\Shipping
Kermit Roosevelt: Military and Intelligence\Army\Officer\Major
Kermit Roosevelt: Military and Intelligence\Intelligence agent\OSS
Ethel Kermit Carow Roosevelt: Female
Ethel Kermit Carow Roosevelt: Politics and Government\Daughter of US President
Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt: Female
Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt: Politics and Government\First Lady\First Lady of US
Alice Lee Roosevelt Longworth: Female
Alice Lee Roosevelt Longworth: Politics and Government\Daughter of US President
Alice Lee Roosevelt Longworth: Society and Social Change\Socialite
Theodore Roosevelt: Male
Theodore Roosevelt: Politics and Government\State Legislator\New York
Theodore Roosevelt: Literature\Writer
Theodore Roosevelt: Politics and Government\Vice-President of US
Theodore Roosevelt: Military and Intelligence\Army\Officer\Colonel
Theodore Roosevelt: Natural Resource Occupations\Explorer
Theodore Roosevelt: Politics and Government\Governor\New York
Theodore Roosevelt: Politics and Government\President of US
Theodore Roosevelt: Education and Scholarship\Scholar\Historian
Theodore Roosevelt: Society and Social Change\Reformer\Environmentalist
Theodore Roosevelt: Natural Resource Occupations\Agriculturist\Rancher
Theodore Roosevelt: Nobel Prize
United States\District of Columbia\Washington
Credit Line
National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution; gift of Joanna Sturm
Restrictions & Rights
Object number
Exhibition Label
When this photograph was taken, Theodore Roosevelt’s family was preparing to vacate the White House, and his hand-picked successor, William Howard Taft, was on his way to becoming president. Immediately after leaving office, Roosevelt would travel to British East Africa (present-day Kenya), in conjunction with the Smithsonian Institution, to collect specimens for the national museum. Roosevelt was just fifty when he left office, young for an ex-president but not for the formidable risks of hunting big game. He brought his nineteen-year-old son, Kermit (second from left), along on the safari. Edith Roosevelt reconciled herself to her husband’s craving for risk and adventure, trusting that his seeming invincibility would protect her son.
Cuando se hizo esta fotografía, la familia de Theodore Roosevelt se preparaba para abandonar la Casa Blanca, y William Taft, el sucesor que había escogido, estaba por acceder a la presidencia. Justo después de dejar el cargo, Roosevelt viajó al África Oriental Británica (hoy Kenia) en conjunto con la Institución Smithsonian para recolectar especímenes para el museo nacional. Contando solo 50 años al concluir su término, era joven para haber sido presidente, pero no para enfrentar los peligros de la caza en África. Su hijo Kermit (segundo desde la izq.) lo acompañó en el safari. Edith Roosevelt había aceptado la sed de riesgo y aventura de su esposo, confiando en que su aparente invulnerabilidad protegería a su hijo.
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National Portrait Gallery