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New York Critics

New York Critics
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Walter K. Kinstler, c. 1895 - c. 1924
Lola Fisher, c. 1892 - 1926
Marcus Cook Connelly, 1890 - 1980
Matthew Heywood Campbell Broun, 7 Dec 1888 - 18 Dec 1939
Walter Johannes Damrosch, 30 Jan 1862 - 22 Dec 1950
George Simon Kaufman, 16 Nov 1889 - 2 Jun 1961
Alexander Humphreys Woollcott, 19 Jan 1887 - 23 Jan 1943
Franklin Pierce Adams, 15 Nov 1881 - 23 Mar 1960
Robert Charles Benchley, 15 Sep 1889 - 21 Nov 1945
George Michael Cohan, 3 Jul 1878 - 5 Nov 1942
Bernard Mannes Baruch, 19 Aug 1870 - 20 Jun 1965
India ink, pencil and colored pencil on paper
Image: 22.8cm x 37.5cm (9" x 14 3/4")
Sheet: 30.5cm x 40.8cm (12" x 16 1/16")
Home Furnishings\Furniture\Seating\Chair
Costume\Dress Accessory\Eyeglasses
Costume\Dress Accessory\Eyeglasses\Pince-nez
Interior\Performing Arts\Theatrical
Music\Musical instrument\Bass
Equipment\Optical Devices\Binoculars\Opera glasses
Franklin Pierce Adams: Male
Franklin Pierce Adams: Journalism and Media\Journalist\Columnist
Franklin Pierce Adams: Literature\Writer\Humorist
Alexander Humphreys Woollcott: Male
Alexander Humphreys Woollcott: Literature\Writer
Alexander Humphreys Woollcott: Journalism and Media\Journalist
Alexander Humphreys Woollcott: Performing Arts\Performer\Radio performer
Alexander Humphreys Woollcott: Literature\Writer\Essayist
Alexander Humphreys Woollcott: Performing Arts\Theater critic
Marcus Cook Connelly: Male
Marcus Cook Connelly: Education and Scholarship\Educator\Professor\College
Marcus Cook Connelly: Literature\Writer\Playwright
Marcus Cook Connelly: Pulitzer Prize
Matthew Heywood Campbell Broun: Male
Matthew Heywood Campbell Broun: Journalism and Media\Journalist\Reporter\Newspaper
Matthew Heywood Campbell Broun: Journalism and Media\Journalist\Columnist
Matthew Heywood Campbell Broun: Literature\Writer\Novelist
Matthew Heywood Campbell Broun: Literature\Writer\Essayist
Matthew Heywood Campbell Broun: Performing Arts\Theater critic
Robert Charles Benchley: Male
Robert Charles Benchley: Literature\Writer
Robert Charles Benchley: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
Robert Charles Benchley: Performing Arts\Performer\Radio performer
Robert Charles Benchley: Performing Arts\Theater critic
Robert Charles Benchley: Journalism and Media\Journalist\Humorist
Bernard Mannes Baruch: Male
Bernard Mannes Baruch: Literature\Writer
Bernard Mannes Baruch: Business and Finance\Financier
Bernard Mannes Baruch: Politics and Government\Government official\Presidential Advisor
Bernard Mannes Baruch: Society and Social Change\Philanthropist
Bernard Mannes Baruch: Business and Finance\Economist
George Simon Kaufman: Male
George Simon Kaufman: Journalism and Media\Journalist\Columnist
George Simon Kaufman: Performing Arts\Performing arts director\Theater director
George Simon Kaufman: Literature\Writer\Playwright
George Simon Kaufman: Pulitzer Prize
George Michael Cohan: Male
George Michael Cohan: Performing Arts\Performer\Musician\Composer
George Michael Cohan: Literature\Writer\Playwright
George Michael Cohan: Performing Arts\Performer\Vaudeville
George Michael Cohan: Performing Arts\Producer\Theater
George Michael Cohan: Congressional Gold Medal
Lola Fisher: Female
Lola Fisher: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
Walter Johannes Damrosch: Male
Walter Johannes Damrosch: Performing Arts\Performer\Musician\Composer
Walter Johannes Damrosch: Performing Arts\Performing arts director\Opera director
Walter Johannes Damrosch: Performing Arts\Performer\Musician\Conductor
Credit Line
National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution
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National Portrait Gallery