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Stars with Mickey Mouse, #1

Stars with Mickey Mouse, #1
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Walt Disney Studios, founded 1922
Clark Gable, 1 Feb 1901 - 16 Nov 1960
Buster Keaton, 4 Oct 1895 - 1 Feb 1966
Wallace Fitzgerald Beery, 1 Apr 1885 - 15 Apr 1949
Eddie Cantor, Sept 1892 - 10 Oct 1964
Stan Laurel, 16 Jun 1890 - 23 Feb 1965
George Arliss, 10 Apr 1868 - 5 Feb 1946
Oliver Hardy, 18 Jan 1892 - 7 Aug 1957
Douglas Fairbanks, Sr., 23 May 1883 - 12 Dec 1939
c. 1933
Pencil and colored pencil on paper
Image: 17.1cm x 26cm (6 3/4" x 10 1/4")
Sheet: 24.1cm x 30.5cm (9 1/2" x 12")
Costume\Dress Accessory\Eyeglasses\Monocle
Nature & Environment\Animal\Mouse
Oliver Hardy: Male
Oliver Hardy: Performing Arts\Performing arts director\Film director
Oliver Hardy: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Oliver Hardy: Performing Arts\Performer\Comedian
Stan Laurel: Male
Stan Laurel: Performing Arts\Performing arts director\Film director
Stan Laurel: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Stan Laurel: Performing Arts\Performer\Comedian
Stan Laurel: Performing Arts\Performer\Vaudeville
Stan Laurel: Literature\Writer\Screenwriter
Stan Laurel: Oscar
Eddie Cantor: Male
Eddie Cantor: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
Eddie Cantor: Performing Arts\Performer\Comedian
Eddie Cantor: Literature\Writer\Screenwriter
Eddie Cantor: Oscar
Buster Keaton: Male
Buster Keaton: Performing Arts\Performing arts director\Film director
Buster Keaton: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Buster Keaton: Performing Arts\Performer\Comedian
Buster Keaton: Performing Arts\Performer\Vaudeville
Buster Keaton: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Television
Buster Keaton: Oscar
Clark Gable: Male
Clark Gable: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Theater
Clark Gable: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Clark Gable: Oscar
George Arliss: Male
George Arliss: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
George Arliss: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Theater
George Arliss: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
George Arliss: Literature\Writer\Playwright
George Arliss: Oscar
Wallace Fitzgerald Beery: Male
Wallace Fitzgerald Beery: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
Wallace Fitzgerald Beery: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Theater
Wallace Fitzgerald Beery: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Wallace Fitzgerald Beery: Oscar
Douglas Fairbanks, Sr.: Male
Douglas Fairbanks, Sr.: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Theater
Douglas Fairbanks, Sr.: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Douglas Fairbanks, Sr.: Oscar
United States\California\Los Angeles\Los Angeles\Hollywood
Credit Line
National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution; gift of Miriam and Stuart Reisbord
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National Portrait Gallery