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Mural Study #4:

Mural Study #4:
John Decker, 1895 - 1947
Bob Hope, 29 May 1903 - 27 Jul 2003
Joe E. Brown, 28 Jul 1892 - 6 Jul 1973
Charles Winninger, 1884 - 1969
Charles Boyer, 28 Aug 1897 - 26 Aug 1978
Greta Garbo, 18 Sep 1905 - 15 Apr 1990
Clark Gable, 1 Feb 1901 - 16 Nov 1960
Shirley Temple, 23 Apr 1928 - 10 Feb 2014
Humphrey Bogart, 25 Dec 1899 - 14 Jan 1957
William Claude Fields, 29 Jan 1880 - 25 Dec 1946
Mae West, 17 Aug 1893 - 22 Nov 1980
Roland Keith Young, 1887 - 1953
c. 1941
Crayon, gouache, graphite and ink on illustration board
Image: 20cm x 51cm (7 7/8" x 20 1/16")
Nature & Environment\Clouds
Costume\Dress Accessory\Flower
Equipment\Walking stick\Cane
Costume\Dress Accessory\Eyeglasses\Pince-nez
Equipment\Smoking Implements\Cigarette
Costume\Headgear\Hat\Top hat
Costume\Dress Accessory\Tie\Bowtie
Costume\Headgear\Hat\Cap\Yachting cap
Symbols & Motifs\Putti
Roland Keith Young: Visual Arts\Artist
Roland Keith Young: Male
Roland Keith Young: Performing Arts\Performer\Comedian
Humphrey Bogart: Male
Humphrey Bogart: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Humphrey Bogart: Oscar
Clark Gable: Male
Clark Gable: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Theater
Clark Gable: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Clark Gable: Oscar
Joe E. Brown: Male
Joe E. Brown: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Theater
Joe E. Brown: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Joe E. Brown: Performing Arts\Performer\Vaudeville
Charles Boyer: Male
Charles Boyer: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Charles Boyer: Oscar
Shirley Temple: Female
Shirley Temple: Politics and Government\Diplomat\Ambassador
Shirley Temple: Society and Social Change\Philanthropist
Shirley Temple: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Shirley Temple: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Television
Shirley Temple: Performing Arts\Performer\Dancer
Shirley Temple: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Child
Shirley Temple: Oscar
Mae West: Female
Mae West: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Theater
Mae West: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Mae West: Literature\Writer\Playwright
Mae West: Performing Arts\Performer\Vaudeville
Greta Garbo: Female
Greta Garbo: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Greta Garbo: Oscar
Bob Hope: Male
Bob Hope: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Bob Hope: Performing Arts\Performer\Comedian
Bob Hope: Performing Arts\Performer\Television personality
Bob Hope: Performing Arts\Performer\Entertainer
Bob Hope: Oscar
Bob Hope: Presidential Medal of Freedom
Bob Hope: Congressional Gold Medal
Charles Winninger: Male
Charles Winninger: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
William Claude Fields: Male
William Claude Fields: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Theater
William Claude Fields: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
William Claude Fields: Performing Arts\Performer\Comedian
William Claude Fields: Performing Arts\Performer\Entertainer\Radio entertainer
United States\California\Los Angeles\Los Angeles
Credit Line
National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution
Restrictions & Rights
Object number
Data Source
National Portrait Gallery