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Medical Faculty of the University of New York

Medical Faculty of the University of New York
Francis D'Avignon, 29 Oct 1813 - c. 1871
Copy after
John Plumbe, Jr., 13 Jul 1809 - 28 May 1857
Endicott Lithography Company, active 1828 - 1886
Theodore Frelinghuysen, 28 Mar 1787 - 12 Apr 1862
Granville Sharpe Pattison, c. 1791 - 12 Nov 1851
Martyn Paine, 8 Jul 1794 - 10 Nov 1877
John William Draper, 5 May 1811 - 4 Jan 1882
Gunning S. Bedford, 1806 - 5 Sep 1870
John Revere, 1787 - 1847
Valentine Mott, 20 Aug 1785 - 26 Apr 1865
Lithograph on paper
Sheet: 75.5 x 61 cm (29 3/4 x 24")
Personal Attribute\Facial Hair\Beard
Costume\Dress Accessory\Neckwear\Tie\Bowtie
Theodore Frelinghuysen: Male
Theodore Frelinghuysen: Law and Crime\Lawyer
Theodore Frelinghuysen: Education and Scholarship\Educator
Theodore Frelinghuysen: Politics and Government\Public official\Mayor\Newark, NJ
Theodore Frelinghuysen: Education and Scholarship\Administrator\College administrator\President
Theodore Frelinghuysen: Politics and Government\US Senator\New Jersey
Theodore Frelinghuysen: Politics and Government\State Attorney General\New Jersey
Theodore Frelinghuysen: Politics and Government\Vice-Presidential Candidate
Valentine Mott: Male
Valentine Mott: Medicine and Health\Physician\Surgeon
Valentine Mott: Education and Scholarship\Educator\Professor\College
Valentine Mott: Science and Technology\Inventor\Medical
John William Draper: Male
John William Draper: Literature\Writer\Scientific
John William Draper: Education and Scholarship\Educator\Professor\College
John William Draper: Science and Technology\Inventor
John William Draper: Science and Technology\Scientist\Chemist
John William Draper: Visual Arts\Artist\Photographer\Daguerreotypist
John William Draper: Education and Scholarship\Scholar\Historian\Historiographer
Granville Sharpe Pattison: Male
Granville Sharpe Pattison: Literature\Writer\Scientific
Granville Sharpe Pattison: Education and Scholarship\Educator\Professor\University
Granville Sharpe Pattison: Medicine and Health\Medical Scientist\Anatomist
Martyn Paine: Male
Martyn Paine: Medicine and Health\Physician
Martyn Paine: Literature\Writer\Medical
Gunning S. Bedford: Male
Gunning S. Bedford: Education and Scholarship\Educator\Professor\College
Gunning S. Bedford: Literature\Writer\Medical
Gunning S. Bedford: Medicine and Health\Physician\Obstetrician
John Revere: Male
John Revere: Medicine and Health\Physician
John Revere: Literature\Writer\Medical
United States\New York
Credit Line
National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution
Restrictions & Rights
Object number
Data Source
National Portrait Gallery