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Hello podcast listeners, it’s Kim Sajet here. 

A quick programming note: Like most of you, we’ve been scrambling to adjust to the challenges of stopping the spread of the coronavirus! So, we’ve switched up a few things:

This season will include several episodes we’ve been laboring away on since before the pandemic upended our routines. But we’re also shuffling in three episodes meant to ease the strain of social distancing. We’ve asked some of our curators and educators to point to one of their favorite portraits in the Gallery, and we’ll take you to stand right in front of it. These will be little virtual tours you can take, to hear the story behind the images, and the reasons why our curators love them so much.

So gather with us, and come visit with your ears. Here’s our first episode, which we started before the Coronavirus containment measures. It’s about someone who helped the United States through another difficult time-- the great depression-- with humor and civility. Stay well, stay tuned, and stay healthy.