This exhibition is made possible by the Marc Pachter Exhibition Fund.

Carolyn Carr, Chief Curator; Brandon Fortune, Curator of Painting and Sculpture; Anne Goodyear, Assistant Curator of Prints and Drawings; Frank Goodyear, Associate Curator of Photographs; Wendy Wick Reaves, Curator of Prints and Drawings; Ann Shumard, Curator of Photographs

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Benjamin Bloom, National Portrait Gallery

National Portrait Gallery
Amy Baskette, Bethany Bentley, Jobyl Boone, Alexander Cooper, Beverly Cox, Louise Dawson, Dru Dowdy, Nekisha Durrett, Al Elkins, Todd Gardner, Molly Grimsley, Dale Hunt, Liz Hylton, Beth Isaacson, Lauren Johnson, Rebecca Kasemeyer, Claire Kelly, Nello Marconi, Saul Moss, Mark Planisek, Jennifer Robertson, Kristin Smith, Kristy Snaman, Christina Thorley, Tibor Waldner, Caroline Wooden

The curatorial team would like to thank the artists and their assistants and gallerists:
Katy Grannan; Liz Raizes, Greenberg Van Doren Gallery, New York; Jocelyn Lee, Pace-MacGill Gallery; Ryan McGinley; Miriam Katzeff, team gallery, New York;  Steve Pyke; Matthew Flowers, Emily Flowers, Brent Beamon, and Ben Porter, Flowers Gallery, New York;  Martin Schoeller; Lisa Hooper; Sarah Hasted and Bill Hunt, Hasted Hunt Gallery, New York; Alec Soth; Eric Carroll; Carrie Thompson; Megan Spencer, Gagosian Gallery, New York.